Wild Knight®
Ultra-Premium English Vodka

Using water drawn from the ancient chalk aquifers that run under Eastern England, Wild Knight English Vodka is distilled by hand in small batches from the finest English barley. Our master distiller has created a vodka so pure and smooth, that only a single distillation is needed.

Wild Knight English Vodka is exceptionally smooth. Soft on the palate, full of character and with a deliciously long finish. Liquid silk is our favourite description.

And it's great to know that Wild Knight English Vodka is gluten free.

Enjoy with friends and food, over ice, or as we prefer it, sipped at room temperature.

And the name? We wanted to encapsulate a spirit of adventure and the heritage of England. We think Wild Knight sums up all the fun, enjoyment and traditional English spirit that we wished from our vodka.