English Heritage

800 years ago, English government was conducted through the Royal household. The most important men were the King's knights; socially elite, revered for their bravery and leadership and bound by a Code of Chivalry. They stood proud, walking the Royal courts and engaging on the battlefields of Europe, shaping the world we know today.

Knighthood was earned over many years of training, and entry into the realm was a process of great ritual. After a ceremony entrenched in grandeur, a knight would claim the much revered title of "Sir" and the celebrations were punctuated by feasting, music and dance.

Our medieval cousins certainly knew how to throw a party, and they weren't shy of enjoying a drink or two, with wine the tipple of the rich and nobles, and ale for the poor. All much safer than the water of the time!

The production of distilled spirits was reported in Britain before the Roman conquest and about 1200 years later the first vodka distillery was recorded in Russia. So we could say that our fine English vodka has been 2,000 years in the making.